1. Please check with the video cable is firmly connected and stabled.
2. To remove and re-connect all of the video output cables, it may probably caused of electrical short-circuit from one of the cameras.

1. Please check the monitor is in functioning by pressing the power button;
2. To check if the monitor is powered on or not (Including with the fuse)

1. Please check with the setting value from the setup system;
2. To check if the powered on or not that came from the power resource.

1. Please make sure the cable wire from the video channel is pluged or not;
2. To test if the damaged cable is working or not in individual;
3. To test with the video converter cable parts.

Please check with the camera that is switched to the NTSC or PAL system, then confirm the monitor and camera systems both are setting in same setting.

1. Please check with the storage devices (HDD/ SSD/ SD card)
2. Make sure the power is on.

1. Please check with the storage device is the verified list of brands and models;
2. To check the system log/ videos which is caused of interrption or any other error messages;
3. To check with the power resource is working in stable condition.

1. Please check with the GPS device is in functioning;
2. To check with the location of GPS installation, it'd convenient by using the GPS app and detecting where is the best position.
3. Before getting GPS fixed when setting up in very first time, please turn on the device power at open sky field in three minutes as recommended.

1. The DVR is designed with HDD hard drive model which install in flat position to keep avoid from any vibration;
2. If there is any space limitation of DVR installation, please aquire the SSD or SD card storage model for the best solution.

All of DVRs are not supported to plug-and-play function.

The different result of recording time is depended on the FPS/ resolution settings;
*Please refer to the setup/ user manual of each model.

1. The hard drive is not detected or read/ write from DVR.
2. One of the camera is not connected to DVR or caused of interruption. (Please close the function from the setting menu)

1. Please first check with the HDD case wheter is locked on or not;
2. To check the ACC cable is working or not;
3. To check with the power cable or fuse is functioning or not.

Please make sure that the HDD/ SSD/ SD storage has already connected to the PC or laptop;
The DVR is supported the video stream be able to play by the MRPlayer media, or transferred the video to avi. format for the file export.

Please make sure that Microsoft.NET Framework is already installed to the PC/ laptop.

Please make sure that IE version is also updated to the version 10.0 or above.

Caravision Technology Version Number Description Release Time
CV-HM8201 V1.1.294_a9e0(Kernel_25646) DVR firmware
CV-MR420S V2.37.23.18 DVR firmware 2023/12/20
CV-MR4100 / CV-MR4101 MR4100_V1.2.624.8cec DVR firmware
CV-MR8000 / CV-MR8001 MR8000_V1.2.624_8cec DVR firmware
Model Name Version Number Description Release Time
Video Player software for PC Ver. 1.25.0024 MRPlayer 2.5 2023-11-20
Video Player software for PC Ver. 1.21.0905 MRPlayer Lite for CV-MR421S、CV-MR4200、CV-MR8200 Series 2023-09-06
Video Player software for PC_user manual Ver. 1.25.0010 MRPlayer 2.5 User Manual 2020-02-10
Video Player software for PC Ver. 1.21.0806 MRPlayer 2.1 2019-04-29
CV-MR4202S V2.37.18.127 DVR_Player
CV-MR4202S V1.0 User Manual
CV-MR4202S V1.1 User Manual
Model Name Version Number Description Release Time
Vehicle Management System software Ver. 1.30.0315 MRVMS 3.0 Suitable for 4G/WIFI DVR model 2020-02-10
Vehicle Management System_user manual Ver. 1.30.0315 MRVMS 3.0 User Manual 2020-02-10