Surveillance System

School bus system is one of the most important transportation methods for students all
over the world. But the potential safety risks associated with them often go overlooked.

Helped the visibility of the bus driver and keep avoid from the blind spot area, despite of the daily pick up mostly in early morning or sundown, sometimes could ran into an un-predictable weather such as rainy, hail fall, thunderstorm that accidental damage might inflicted by poor vision, these serious impacts often caused the vehicle value damages but also the children’s injuries.

School bus security system uses video surveillance systems onboard the vehicle. This is made possible by pairing camera systems with DVRs. The connection allows the driver to view all the video footage from the cameras on a single screen, and it also enables video


The Industry bureau has invited our president of HI SHARP Electronics & Caravision companies- Jerry Jiang as the vehicle safety consultant, that designed a package especially focus on the school bus build after discussion, it does helped to reduce 32% of accident happen after installed the vehicle surveillance system since last year, the parents and school owners who have also aware that traffic safety issue has been taking a well control today.

  • Supervise drivers to prevent unsafe driving
  • Capture the school bus's interior and exterior for comprehensive monitoring
  • Monitor the entire vehicle and ensure students remain safe to and from school

Enhance school and community safety

It's inevitable that the rambunctious and energetic nature of children will sometimes override the safety rules of the school bus

Surveillance cameras can give school bus driver the proverbial “eyes in the back of the head,” and allow them to keep children in check while navigating the route to or from school. While video surveillance on school buses has proven helpful in identifying bullying behavior, it has also proven helpful in reviewing medical emergencies, crashes and acts of violence, among other things.

Oftentimes, poor driving habits are so ingrained in a persons’ behaviour that they no longer even realise when they happen – essentially subconscious.

Surveillance cameras pointed outside buses also can help identify motorists who illegally pass buses, or identify driver erratic and dangerous driver behavior.Using alerts to notify you when your driver performs harsh braking or cornering is one way to discover that there is a problem.

Stereo analysis capabilities

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning, this partnership has given “digital eyes a brain to match”.

To keep children as safe as possible between home and school, a range of new technology solutions is emerging. These use smart capabilities such as artificial intelligence to help protect students, school bus operators, and to ensure that vehicles are safe and well maintained at all times. Cameras and AI will turn the system draws the right conclusions from this information: it warns inattentive drivers, recommends a break if they are getting tired.

Generally, in school buses planning routes is a tedious process that leaves fleet managers pressurized.

The AI-driven software will provide a clear-cut view of the routes, pick-up points, drop-off points, student profiles, seating arrangements, and vehicle assignments. By taking all this data, it creates an optimized route for the school buses.

Helps in the overall management of school operations

Automated attendance of students and staff which can be easily stored and retrieved

The traditional way of attendance is, recording manually in a log book and then converting into desktop application. The attendance system will be helpful for staff members and administration members to enter, track and storing the information easily.

Contact tracing has regained attention recently for its capacity to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

If a student or driver has tested positive for the virus, the surveillance views or video footage may be used to trace their path to see those nearby. The individuals may then be notified about possible exposure, testing or quarantine, if warranted. Furthermore, video footage is readily available if proof is needed to verify contact or proximity to affected individuals.

Complement your existing systems

Intuitive video evidence software lets you review video and create evidence clips quickly and easily.

Synchronize video with integrated GPS Mapping, vehicle sensors, alarms and audio so you can see incidents from all angles.

The software's geo-fence capabilities trigger an alarm when a school bus deviates from its route.

View live-streaming video to quickly identify and respond to incidents, and access historical data to track where school buses have been, see if drivers are making their designated stops, and find out when and where students entered or exited the school bus.

Two packages are classified

network and non-network versions

Mobile DVR Kits

The full pack of 4CH or 8CH MDVR installation is depended on the capacity of school buses, plus VMS 3.0 platform also required for 4G / Wi-Fi network connection.

Mobile Monitor With Video Recording Function

This light pack is designed without MDVR connection, that video restored from SD card record of the monitor(CV-ML090C4), users may replay the recorded video from MR Player directly through display.

Application Scenario

Camera placement suggestion

Driver's seat

  • Monitors the areas in front of the schoo bus.
  • mmWave radar sensor.
  • Monitors driver seat and the entrance.
  • Panic button.

School bus interior

  • On-board attendance.
  • Smart tracker.
  • Monitors the side traffic and exterior of the school bus.
  • Monitors the inside of the school bus without blind spots.

School bus exterior

  • Monitors entrance from the outside.
  • Rear-facing security and traffic camera.
  • Reverse parking obstacle detection.

Moving Intelligence

Caravision/ Hi-sharp are a local company which its factory has been certified the vehicle alliance of TF16949 and ISO14001 test environment qualified in Taiwan. Through years of market challenge as we always concentrate on the product development, ever since the year of 98’, we have been started on OEM for Mitsubishi motor, Caravision has its own brand and developed many series products to satisfy the user’s application, which consistently improving the productive quality and system stability from user’s experience; We are the manufacturer who’s able making progress on its stability from owned testing lab, burning room, OQC equipment, software tool to upgrade our products as being expertise of moving intelligence in the world.


What we do offer

On-board Attendance

Students scan their access cards such as RFID on boarding and deboarding the school bus. This keeps a digital record of their school bus attendance.

Multi-Location Monitoring

An authorized personnel can manage vehicle fleets across multiple branches.

View History of School Bus Trips

Authorities can access the digital trails of any bus in the GPS bus tracking software.

Live GPS School Bus Tracking

Parents have complete knowledge & control of their child's transportation,they can track vehicle & driver details in real-time.

Monitor unauthorized trips

The school administration receives alerts if the school bus wanders off a geo-fenced boundary.

Customized Reports

The school bus tracker has built-in statistical tools. School administration can download customized reports for further decision-making.

functional upgrade

Intelligent School Bus

Pre-Drive Safety Check

Vehicle daily checks are a simple and effective way to spot potentially dangerous issues or defects before vehicles are used. Tire pressure and proper upkeep have a direct impact on the performance and longevity of tires themselves, and further-reaching effects in terms of fuel savings and fleet operating costs.

  • Optimize routes, vehicle usage and fuel efficiency.
  • Proactively prioritize vehicle health and uptime.

Enhances Driver & Student Safety

Since we cannot foretell the things ahead in our roads, every school bus must equip with all safety and emergency measures to handle any situation seamlessly.

  • Using radar technology, the driver can detect any mishap happening inside or outside of the school bus. It also enables the driver to drive safely on the road with a wider view, provide audible and visual warnings intended to alert drivers to possible obstructions.
  • Integrated thermal cameras with the primary focus on improving detection and safety of all vulnerable road users on or near the road and at bus stops.

RFID Integration To Track
The Entry & Exit of Students And Staff

To count the number of students and staff boarding and deboarding the school bus at a respective designated stop. When the student or staff gets on or off the school bus, they simply wave their badge over an RFID reader that is integrated with the school bus telematics system. The badge sends a radio signal to the reader that includes a unique number to identify the student or staff. The signal can be encrypted for added security.

  • Keeps a close eye on boarding and deboarding of your child.
  • It creates a running record that can be used if there is a safety incident or parents have questions about the whereabouts of their children.

Real-time GPS Tracking

Critical information about school bus delays, bus breakdown, route deviations, unscheduled bus stops, or an emergency situation is quickly made available to students, parents and staff through urgent SMS alerts and notifications.

  • The driver can press panic button during emergencies to alert the school authorities of the school bus current location and the directions.
  • Parents also view and receive instant alerts with the details of their child getting on and off the school bus.

Driver Behavior Analysis

Integrates artificial intelligence with radar and camera to trigger pre-emptive warnings to drivers and vehicles about speeding, lane departures, unsafe following distances, and potential collisions with pedestrians, cyclists, etc. These advancements assist drivers to better understand the environment and enable quick, mitigative responses to potential hazards around them.

  • Monitor all critical vehicle movements in a time-saving and simple way thanks to proactive alarms
  • Keep vehicles attractive and damage-free by encouraging good driving behavior.

Route Deviation Alarm

Most parents understand that the occasional route change or late bus is inevitable. Situations ranging from inclement weather to road closures can all lead to plan deviations. It's when parents aren't notified that communities begin to worry.

  • A tracking system can alert staff and parents to route changes, irregular stops and deviations from plans that could indicate problems.
  • Easing parents' minds goes a long way toward increasing consistent ridership and improved parent communication.

Efficiently Manage School Fleets

Full integration with operations management, planning and scheduling systems provides not only fast answers to pressing questions, but the ability to compare real time and historical data to make more informed safety, efficiency and service improvements.

  • Easily submit drivers' time and attendance reports.
  • Drivers can log in wherever and whenever they start their shift.

Video History Playback

Our viewer is very Windows-friendly. Point & Click to capture and save images. There is a camera icon in the middle of the viewer that is clickable to create a still image. Then designate where to save it. Sending clips or pictures to others is also simple.

  • Protect innocent drivers and students from false claims.
  • Record audio and video proof of bullying.

upgrade the functional aspects

Thermal Infrared Face Recognition

Face Detection

Real-Time Face Detection

Face Detection

Screening Attendance Device