A Path to Safer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Towards Robust Sensor Fusion In Visual Perception

mmWave Radar Camera CV-BSC0050

The roads are a perilous place for your drivers, and with the many dangers they face on a daily basis you should always be prepared for the worst — which is why having driver footage on hand is mandatory for minimizing your losses. Typically, one type of sensor cannot safely monitor the conditions around a vehicle in all situations. For example, cameras may not be able to accurately recognize other objects in low-visibility conditions, such as darkness, fog or even blinding light. We approach this synthesis and technological evolution in the field of sensors can be the basis of new possibilities for approaching the problems.

  • Radar-Video Fusion Camera
  • 79- GHz mmWave radar sensors
  • 1/2.8" format image sensor
  • Field of view(FOV) is up to 170°
  • 1080P lines horizontal resolution
  • IP69K water-proof

Key Features

Instead of providing redundant features, we are more concerned about your daily using experience. mmWave radar camera, combined with in-vehicle camera and radar technology, it is used to assist in identifying objects and can instantly measure the distance between the vehicle and external objects, installed on both sides of the vehicle to detect objects in the blind spot area and display 170-degree real-time images to warn the driver to make real-time judgment and avoid the danger of surround collision. Take your driver safety to the next journey with CV-BSC0050, a mmWave radar camera that incorporates truly useful ADAS.

Wide-Angle Lens

The wide angle lens and minimum illumination of 0.1 Lux give you a more than adequate view of potential hazards behind vehicle.

Blind Spot Monitoring

A driving assistance system that notifies the driver if another vehicle has appeared within their blind spot and is at risk of a collision.

Blind Spot Detection

Uses radar sensors mounted at the side of the cabin to monitor the detection zone for relevant objects.

Lane Change Alert

It can provide audio and visual alerts when a detected moving vehicle is quickly approaching or is in your side blind zone.

Front Cross Traffic Alert

Detects vehicles approaching from the blind spots on the front left and right sides of the vehicle when the vehicle starts to drive at an intersection.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Helps drivers reversing out of parking spaces when their rear view is obstructed, and assists in alerting you of rear cross traffic and helps in avoiding collisions when backing up.

Blind Spot Detection System ARS-SM01+CV-CTB102A

  • mmWave works extremely well at penetrating smoke and seeing through drywall
  • The sensor’s unique millimeter-wave frequency range grants it superior accuracy and resolution
  • The system alerts the driver audio visually if it detects an obstacle on the passenger side blind spot
  • Enhances advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for safer autonomous driving

What we have achieved so far

Caravision has many years of experience in the field of in-vehicle cameras and integration solutions.








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Improve The Target Recognition Precision

Sensor fusion can make full use of the characteristics of multi-sensors to achieve complementary advantages to improve the target recognition precision in various weather conditions.

Increased Reliability in ADAS Applications

In integrated mobility system applications, an accurate understanding of the surrounding environment under all conditions is important for safety consideration.

Compact Design, Easy Installation

Millimeter-wave (mmWave) antennas are considerably smaller than ultrasonic, mmwave radar system has become compact and does not occupy more space.

Manage Your Fleet to Perfection

Radar sensors are good at identifying an object’s relative motion, location, and solid-state. This helps in avoiding accident as well as alerts drivers to take avoidance maneuvers while driving.

An AI-based vision processing technology

Caravision's product can detect the motion around the vehicle and in-vehicle driving behavior with AI technology to improve the accuracy and completeness of driving information. From offering expert advice to solving complex problems, we've got you covered.


Commercial vehicles are big and often suffer from very poor visibility, despite being generously equipped with mirrors. Take your fleet to the next level with mmWave Radar Cameras. Designed to fit the exact needs of our customers, especially when it comes to commercial fleets. With proven results, video evidence and radar sensors can help you run a safer fleet and protect your assets.

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mmWave Radar Solutions

Our broad portfolio of 77- and 79- GHz mmWave radar sensors enables redefined and enhanced existing sensing applications, from simple motion detection to high-end imaging radar.


Short-Range Detection

  • Corner radar sensor
  • ECU control box
  • 5M connector cable
  • LED buzzer
  • Power cable
  • Trigger cable


Long-Range Detection

  • mmWave radar camera
  • 2nd-generation ECU
  • 10M connector cable
  • LED buzzer
  • Power cable
  • Trigger cable