Vehicle Management System MRVMS 3.0

GPS based vehicle tracking over GPRS for fleet management

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Improve Fleet Efficiency

This system was a combination of GPS in a vehicle to indicate its position on the geographic coordinate and a GPRS to send the data of position and other important data into a computer connected via the Internet.

Fleet security and control

Real-time vehicle tracking,allow you to quickly and easily locate any vehicle or asset

Minimizing poor driving habits

Coaching your drivers to safer driving habits

Fleet dispatch boosts flexibility

Providing real-time information to dispatchers, managers, and drivers allows them to collaborate more effectively

Less downtime and increased productivity

Staying on top of vehicle health can minimize operational expenses and reduce repair costs

See the status of your fleet at any time

The system is composed of commodity hardware,software and an easy-to-manage user interface via a Web server with e-Map.
It includes a GPS/GPRS module to location acquisition and message transmission


Evolve to advanced fleet intelligence

As safety is crucial when driving, having at least two seconds of early warning can prevent any unanticipated impacts or road mishaps.
ADAS technology is adaptable and can be easily integrated to your fleet management needs.


Full suite functional

To manage this tracking device,fleet operators log in to the system which is a highly secured application online and monitor the journey of each vehicle.
Even if your company owns 10 or fewer connected vehicles or own thousands of trucks, cars, vans, trailers across the country, a fleet management device
is efficient enough to control all the tasks proficiently.

Flexible management functions settings

We collect real-time data on vehicles, drivers, environments, and video recordings.Classify vehicles according to different tasks and categories, improve management efficiency.

  • Group classification management
  • The Car List can manage up to 50 cars for Mobile DVR device (Free version)
  • Supported max to 1,000 vehicles in an account(Option)

Valuable fleet analysis reports

You will find summary reports that show you the fundamental information, as well as more specialized reports addressing specific issues, like fuel management or driving behavior.

  • Every report features easy-to-read data visualizations
  • Route planning/optimization will help your dispatchers plan efficient routes
  • From location at very instant to the number of trips completed by every individual unit, everything is available in reports.

Alert notifications

From accessing behaviour of drivers to percentage of fuel usage, numerous other instant real-time alerts are availed

  • Timefencing helps hold drivers accountable, minimising vehicle misuse, and unnecessary fuel costs.
  • When a vehicle diverts from the destined path, it sends an alert
  • Driving company vehicles outside of designated hours or regions sends a notification to fleet managers.

Accounts & layers management

Users may select the specific function for each company in account list

  • Allows authorized users to schedule maintenance
  • To create authority layers of users account.
  • F/W upgrade function

Vehicle tracking at your fingertips

Gives you native applications for iOS and Android that let you monitor the location of your vehicles or equipment from anywhere.