Surveillance System

Facilitated by the policies around the world, the rapid pace of ADAS technologies and the attending development testing creates a challenge for standards bodies and enforcing agencies to keep up. While it remains to be seen just how big ADAS will get, it’s clear that it will be an integral part of intelligent logistics fleet management moving forward.

Effective positioning of vehicles and understanding of their past and current locations are critical to the logistics industry. Logistics companies can use these trajectories to determine which transportation roads can make transportation time shorter, which means that they can reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and make transportation more efficient.

Today, accident investigations require onsite staff to manually sift through video to find footage. They must then save video files onto a USB drive or burn a disk to make it available to corporate executives, this can take a significant amount of time. In contrast, with its cloud-based storage and management software, will provide leadership remote access.

With new IoT devices, cold chain logistics providers may be able to streamline their operations. A fleet of IoT devices can provide crucial information on both shipments and the equipment used to move them.

ADAS-equipped vehicles can sense the environment around themselves, process this information quickly and accurately in a computer system, and provide the correct output to the driver. With the increased focus on vaccine distribution, growth in food processing, retail and food delivery markets for perishables, over the next five years is bound to increase each year.

  • Offers vehicle travel information on an immediate basis
  • Smarter safety through interior and exterior sensor fusion
  • Use data analytics to measure and improve the end-to-end logistic performance

Improving the dispatch performance

Manual or people-heavy dispatch processes can make the entire fleet management and vehicle dispatch a tedious and time-consuming task. An automated dispatch system or vehicle dispatch software can help planning efficient delivery routes, dispatching vehicles without any manual intervention, maximizing efficiency, and delighting customers with timely deliveries.

Complete driving records

Able to display driving footage, as well as direction and position of vehicle on the map when replaying video recordings. Records not only video but also map-linked data, by integrating highly-accurate positional data from the navigation system in the drive recorder. When the built-in G-Sensor detects a collision it locks the recording clips to ensure data protection when collision gets sensed.

Driving risk prediction algorithm

Based on the perception of real-time movement and environment features of the vehicle could be vital for developing collision warning/intervention strategies in intelligent driver assistance systems to reduce collision risks and improve roadway safety.

Flexible expansion module

Provide vehicle bus ports and OBDII connectivity, ensuring that video telematics solutions can also consume triggers from the vehicle bus to automatically capture event videos. This also helps provide accurate vehicle velocity and other vehicle parameters like braking status, that can be consumed by ADAS and other advanced applications running on the device. Professional installation is usually recommended for such systems.

Two packages are classified

network and non-network versions

Mobile DVR Kits

The full pack of 4CH or 8CH MDVR installation is depended on the capacity of school buses, plus VMS 3.0 platform also required for 4G / Wi-Fi network connection.

Mobile Monitor With Video Recording Function

This light pack is designed without MDVR connection, that video restored from SD card record of the monitor(CV-ML090C4), users may replay the recorded video from MR Player directly through display.

Application Scenario

Camera placement suggestion

Driver's cabin

  • Capture continuous video recordings.
  • Breath Alcohol Testing.
  • Blind spot detection and warning system.
  • Panic button.

Transport truck interior

  • Abnormal driving behaviors monitoring.
  • Vehicles,driver check-ins and maintenance.
  • Refrigerant temperature sensor.
  • Control and reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles.

Transport truck exterior

  • Vehicle collision avoidance.
  • The real-time monitoring of vehicle dynamic information.
  • Automatically upload vital driving information.
  • Drivers performance analysis.

Moving Intelligence

Caravision/ Hi-sharp are a local company which its factory has been certified the vehicle alliance of TF16949 and ISO14001 test environment qualified in Taiwan. Through years of market challenge as we always concentrate on the product development, ever since the year of 98’, we have been started on OEM for Mitsubishi motor, Caravision has its own brand and developed many series products to satisfy the user’s application, which consistently improving the productive quality and system stability from user’s experience; We are the manufacturer who’s able making progress on its stability from owned testing lab, burning room, OQC equipment, software tool to upgrade our products as being expertise of moving intelligence in the world.


What we do offer

Real-time monitoring

Shows live footage on your screen, for better guidance and monitoring.

Monitor multiple vehicles

Choose a single or multiple vehicles and show them on the map.

Delivery route planning

with AI route planning can you easily remain diligent about tracking the efficiency of your routes and find alternative routes when the old methods are getting the job done.

In-vehicle Information

All-in-one terminal which combines digital tachograph(option), records various types of driver and vehicle data.

Electronic fence warning

To set a range through the GPS positioning background to form a fenced guard area.

Customized Reports

Able to download the history of the footage remotely.

functional upgrade

Intelligent School Bus

Daily Vehicle Checks

Before operating the vehicle, the driver must inspect the vehicle and be satisfied that it is in safe operating condition. The alcohol interlock will also request breath tests periodically during every trip.

  • Predictive vehicle health management.
  • Minimize vehicle abuse and save money on fuel costs all at the same time.

Automates Work Order Assignment

Route optimization enables the delivery drivers to follow the shortest and optimized routes to save fuel cost, minimize the delivery time, and enhance the customer experience.

  • Integrate with all major in-cab satellite trucking interfaces to increase driver efficiency, communication and routing..
  • When a service request arrives, the dispatchers can simply make use of the automated features of the vehicle tracking system and quickly dispatch the nearest vehicle to the customer.

Achieve On-Time Delivery

IoT sensors and devices can be used to monitor and collect information. Helps manage your fleet of reusable containers, by tracking the location, movements, shipments, and returns.

  • Provides dispatchers with the status of all delivery tasks.
  • Provides complete transparency of all asset data.

Anti-Theft Alarm And Tracking System

Real-time view camera system to check the road conditions around your vehicle, combined with anti-theft devices, vehicle theft is detected when the owner receives an intruder alarm.

  • Safety-critical components, including various safety functions of the vehicle, OBDII, TPMS, ADAS.
  • Stay safe at work and protect your assets with our devices to maintain personal and vehicle security.

Driver Fatigue Detection

The one real time application is drowsiness detection based on facial detection and expressions such as drowsy driver detection.

  • Employ fatigue management strategies to reduce drowsy driving risk.
  • Driver behavior analysis and prediction models.

Critical Incident Video Review

A complete incident recorder that captures accidents and critical events with not only data such as GPS location, speed and G-forces but also high-quality video from up to 4~8 cameras.

  • Query and analysis in real time, review event video history.
  • Through AI model, the system can detect various violation conducts within cameras, to sufficiently control traffic against violation.

A Parallel Traffic Condition Driven Route Planning

It not only assists the city planners in the improvement of route usage, but also helps drivers make wise travelling decisions.

  • Learning algorithms predict driving conditions.
  • Contributes to lower total transportation costs, shorter commutes, and more deliveries per vehicle.

Cost Optimization

Provide predictive capabilities, analyzing current data from multiple sources to make predictions about costs, maintenance, emissions, or safety.

  • Continuous optimization and data analysis.
  • Reduce fleet maintenance costs.

upgrade the functional aspects

Thermal Infrared Face Recognition

Face Detection

Real-Time Face Detection

Face Detection

Screening Attendance Device